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Hi There! Welcome - I'm Divine Path Psychic Traci Moon, an intuitive counselor and world-renowned KEEN psychic tarot master.

  • I studied under Psychic Wendy Higheagle of Nashville, TN since 1995. Wendy met Sylvia Browne in person, she saved Wendy’s life by giving her intuitive health advice to implement meat back into her diet. That was the missing link to her health and she recovered. Thank goodness!

  • This exchange of psychic energy between Wendy and Sylvia Browne, in a spectacular way, set my life path into motion as a professional psychic and tarot card reader. Wendy and I traveled around the USA doing psychic shows together. While living in Nashville, I met William Henry, Author from the Magical Journey.

  • I graduated graphic design and photography and have since traveled to and lived in Europe for 10 years with my family. I will soon be offering Astrological Readings and Birth Chart analysis.

Nice to Meet You!

I am committed to enriching your life with quality readings full of break-through intuitive information so you have a high level of success in your business, relationships, and life.

Thanks for visiting me. I look forward to getting to know you!

As a master Psychic Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Past Life Regression specialist, I have a motto that I live by:

Have love and passion to do things in life that bring you happiness.

My work and dream is to meet and support you right where you are in life. I am here to reveal the truth through the tarot, which may motivate and encourage you to live your higher purpose, to find love and passion in your life, so that you can experience happiness!

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  • I give Live Tarot Readings on Youtube. Stop by and say hello. You can like share and subscribe to my channels to get 'Ancient Knowledge for the 21st Century'.

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I commit to always examine, understand, empathize, appreciate and carefully evaluate how others see life. I don’t have to agree, but I respect, understand and empathize with you.

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