• Sometimes there is not anyone to talk to about what you are going through, or they are not available.

  • They may not be on your level at the time or you just need a quick peek into how things will turn out.

  • I am here when you need guidance.

  • Safe & Confident.

  • Personal & Detailed Readings.

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Hi! I’m Traci!

I’m here to give you psychic tarot readings & spiritual guidance which will help unlock the truth so that you have less stress and more peace of mind.

How? Through the ancient art of psychic tarot readings & Celtic Cross layouts.

Psychic Tarot Readings & Descriptions
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Psychic Tarot Readings & Descriptions
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Tarot Readings

  • Love Readings

  • Career Readings

  • Soul Mate Readings

  • Past Life Readings

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Ancient Shaman Healing & Energy Maintenance
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Ancient Shaman Healing & Energy Maintenance

This Ancient Shaman Healing Package includes:

  • Releasing Karmic Ties

  • Cord Cutting

  • Calling in Soul Family

  • Meeting your Soul Mate

  • Healing Light Meditation

  • Oracle Card Reading

This bundle is designed as a maintenance for your energy body. Anytime you need an alignment, re-book a session.

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Past Life Regressions
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Step into the dimensions of your subconscious mind to explore a past life, where you unlock secrets and discover hidden truths from your past, that help you with your life today.

Past Life Regressions:
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Sarah Cross

Traci is awesome!

She completed a Celtic Cross Tarot Spread on my business. Without me saying anything about my business she was able to say exactly what my business is and where it would be going. She was able to provide me with tools to help me during the challenging periods of being an entrepreneur and a potential timeline for what to expect. I will be contacting Traci again.


Gina Ballard

Very gentle, loving, and helpful!

I had a connection with Traci that was very gentle, loving, and helpful! I have read for thousands of people myself, have led over 70 people through my own tarot and angels certification course, and, I AM VERY particular about who I let in my energy. I saw a post by Traci and was called. Traci did a general reading first, and what came up was so affirmative. It reassured me not only that I was on the right path, but also gave helpful hints of what to do next. I was able to ask a few questions, one about a situation I was in and wanting to get out. Traci helped me to understand how to communicate for not only maximal results, but to help get my money back. She also tuned into a legal issue and I am really looking forward to seeing how that turns out!!! I am really grateful for her help and comforting guidance!!

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”Have love and passion to do things in life that bring you happiness” —Traci Moon