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Do you feel trapped in your relationship?

  • Is the relationship like a stagnant pool of water not able to flow anywhere?

  • Perhaps the relationship is not evolving and you find yourself stumbling over the same issues time after time with out any resolve.

Do you stay in a relationship although there is no love, affection or attraction anymore?

  • Do you feel chained to this person and cannot leave no matter how much you want to or how destructive the relationship is?

  • Are you trapped? Even if you make attempts to leave, does it feel easier to stay, as if Divine Source itself won’t allow you to go?

    • If any of this resonates with you, it is possible that you are stuck in a karmic relationship.

      What is a Karmic Relationship? Types of Soul Mates

  • It is possible that in another lifetime you or your partner, or both, made promises to each other and did not fulfill them.

  • It’s imperative to realize the power of your words.

  • When you make a promise and say “forever”, it not only pertains to this lifetime, but all lifetimes.
    The promise you made obligates you to uphold your vow throughout many lifetimes.

  • Please be mindful when making promises and vows and begin to think about how this may affect your future.

  • You may have said: “I will love you forever. I will always be with you.”
    However, in the next lifetime, (perhaps this one) there may be very different plans for your life, but you are still bound by your promise.

If one partner did not fulfill some obligations in the past, this lifetime gives them another opportunity to “pay the dues”, and the other partner will show up to “collect the debt”.

  • Perhaps you and your partner caused each other pain in a past life.

  • In this lifetime, the situation might be very different. Logically your relationship should thrive, but neither of you are able to enjoy your time together because negative emotions and pain linger from the past life.

Analyze your relationship for a moment.

  • Which patterns repeat that you are not able to overcome?

  • What is the emotion that dominates your relationship?

  • Reflect on what hurts you the most, what triggers the strongest emotions? This will give you valuable information and insight.

Even though there is no logical reason to distrust your partner, is there doubt?

  • Possibly, your partner betrayed you in the past life, yet you still carry this old pain today.

  • If infidelity is the issue at hand. Most people believe it is very important to remain loyal. If your partner is not willing to provide you this security, it may cause you a lot of pain.

  • Still, for whatever reasons, you choose to stay.

  • Perhaps it was you who was unfaithful in a past life and now you are put into this situation to learn what it is like to be on the receiving end.

  • Perhaps the both of you agreed to take turns playing these roles out like children do in their games.

On a logical level, you may realize that this relationship isn't working and it causes you immense pain, yet you choose to stay because this is something that you have done throughout many lifetimes, and now it is very hard for you to break this old pattern.
A past life regression can help you gain insight into the experiences you may have had with this person. It can help you heal the present by releasing the past pain.

Continued Education

When a student goes to school, they are expected to graduate from one grade and move on to the next to continue their education.

  • Life is no different, it is a big classroom where you view each relationship as if it is a grade in school.

  • Once you learn all the lessons that one relationship teaches us, we “grow out of it” and may move on to another relationship to learn the next set of lessons.

  • This is a normal process that allows you to grow. You may feel sad to let some people go, but understand that it is for the benefit of all who are involved.

Do you believe your relationship has outlived itself and there is no hope to revive it?

In addition to recognizing the karmic ties we have in life, I wanted to offer you a way to release any ties you have and be able to live your life fully, and free.

I want to gift you a script of Ancient Knowledge, a Key, to untie this Karmic Knot.

Release Karmic Ties

  • Can be done in a past life regression with me

  • In prayer and meditation

  • By writing a letter; If you are not able to give your partner the letter, you may burn it and release it to the Divine.

  • In a face-to-face communication even on-line over the internet.

Prepare your mind with me now as I lead you through this Ancient Shamanic Practice by taking a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Releasing of Karmic Ties:

The following statement alone has the divine power to untie any karmic knot and to set you free.

Call forth the person in spirit that you want to cut ties with. See them standing in front of you. Say to them what you want to finish up. When you are done,
Say or write:

“Please forgive me for everything I have ever done to hurt you, as I forgive you for everything you have ever done to hurt me.
I’m withdrawing all the promises I have ever given to you.
I am freeing you from all the promises you have ever given to me.
I am annulling all the contracts and vows from this lifetime, any past lives or future lives. I am releasing both of us from any obligations to each other. I am setting us both free.” — So mote it be.

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