✂️ Cord Cutting Ritual

✂️ Cord Cutting Ritual


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  • ☀️Replenished Energy

  • Cord Cutting Ritual

  • Healing Light Meditation

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Etheric Cord
An energy cord is a high frequency communication that is directed back and forth between people.

  • A strong connection can be created between people and Egregore as well as other astral entities.

  • We can transmit energy and communicate telepathically through these cords. When we are in a healthy relationship there is a mutually beneficial energy exchange, however you can also get drained through this cord.

    We get energy from food, sunshine, and the activities that we enjoy.
    BUT there are some people unable to generate or absorb energy on their own, so they steal it from you!
    These energy vampires prey on kind, empathetic and generous people. Essentially they are taking your Energy.

    Unfortunately, sometimes people get attached to us.
    We may leave relationships but the cords between us are still active, we become drained of our energy by these people who are no longer in our physical contact.

    How do you know that you are dealing with a toxic person in your life?
    Feeling Stuck or that you cant make decisions due to a feeling of being controlled, Stressed, irritable, Angry for no reason.This person constantly comes into your thoughts and dreams, Heaviness, Unpleasant thoughts rewinding over and over.

    After an interaction with an Energy Vampire, some symptoms you may feel are:

  • Exhaustion

  • Depression

  • Nausea

  • Headache

  • Stomachache

  • Anxious

    These symptoms are due to an unresolved etheric connection which is holding you back from living your life.
    These cords have imprints of betrayals, painful and traumatic experiences from past relationships.
    If you do not resolve these imprints, they will be carried over as soul memory through many lifetimes.
    You will attract the same people into your life and this is potentially projected onto other relationships.

    When you sever this cord, you will instantly feel lighter at peace and have harmony. Your energy will return.