Welcome to the Needs List. Here you will find a list of feelings when your needs are met and also a list of feelings when your needs go unmet.
It is important to identify your needs when living in harmony with your values. You can create the life you desire by identifying your needs.

Keen Garden
Needs List

Needs List

: Honest, Integrity, Openness, Self-expression, Transparency

Autonomy: Choice, Freedom, Independence, Space, Time

Connection: Collaboration, Communication, Company, Continuity, Durability, Reciprocity, to belong, to be Understood, to Give, to Hear & be Heard, to Receive, to See & be Seen, to Understand

Harmony: Balance Beauty, Completion, Ease, Familiarity, Order, Peace, Predictability, Relaxation, Stability, Tranquility, Wholeness

Liveliness: Adventure, Passion, Play, Spontaneity, to Discover

Love & Attention: Acceptance, Affection, Appreciation, Attention, Care, Compassion, Friendliness, Intimacy, Involvement, Love, Nearness, Reassurance, Respect, Sensitivity, Softness, Support, Tenderness, Trust

Meaning: Awareness, Clarity, Creativity, Growth, Hope, Inspiration, Liberation, Participate, Purpose, Simplicity, to be Present, to Contribute, to Enrich life, to Learn,
to Matter, Transformation

Physical Well-being: Air, Comfort, Food, Health, Movement, Protection (emotional), Rest, Safety, Sexual Expression, Shelter, Sleep, Touch, Warmth, Water

Pleasure: Challenge, Flow, Humor, Laughter, Stimulation, to Celebrate, to Mourn, Vitality

Power: Competence, Confidence, Dignity, Effectiveness, Empowerment, Inner Power, Self-expression

Feelings when my needs are fulfilled

Amazed: Flabbergasted, Surprised

Cheerful: Delighted, Ecstatic, Happy, Joyous

Confident: Powerful, Proud, Resolute, Safe

Curious: Engaged, Fascinated, Inspired, Interested, Involved

Enthusiastic: Adventurous, Eager, Excited, Lively, Passionate, Playful, Radiant, Thrilled

Hopeful: Desirous, Encouraged, Heartened, Optimistic

Loving: Compassionate, Friendly, Openhearted, Sympathetic, Tender, Touched, Warm

Peaceful: at Ease, Bright, Calm ,Carefree, Quiet, Relieved, Serene, Unconcerned, Zen

Physical Feelings: Balanced, Big, Centered, Comfortable, Energetic, Free, Full, in Flow, Lively, Soft, Strong

Satisfied: Content, Fulfilled, Satisfied

Thankful: Grateful, Moved, Touched

Well-rested: Alert, Awake, Recharged, Refreshed, Restored

Feelings when my needs are not fulfilled

Ashamed: Embarrassed, Guilty, Shy

Desperate: Helpless, Hopeless, Powerless, Uncertain

Envious: Jealous

Frustrated: Annoyed, Embittered, Impatient, Irritable, Irritated

Hate: Aversion, Bitter, Contempt, Hostile, Loathing

Pain: Hurt, Lonely Mourning, Wretched

Physical Feelings: Empty, Limp, Pain, Short of Breath, Sick, Small, Smothered, Tense, Wretched

Rage: Angry, Furious, Mad, Resentful, Mad

Regret: Guilty, Repentance

Sad: Depressed, Desirous, Disappointed, Dispirited, Down, Gloomy, Nostalgic, Melancholic

Scared: Afraid, Anxious, Panic, Paralyzed, Startled, Suspicious

Shocked: Alert, Disturbed, Overwhelmed, Panic, Startled, Surprised, Upset

Skeptical: Bewildered, Confused, Lost, Perplexed, Torn

Tired: Burn-out, Defeated, Exhausted, Sleepy, Weary

Uncomfortable: Insecure, Nervous, Restless, Troubled, Uncertain

Vulnerable:Fragile, Sensitive, Uncertain

Withdrawn:Alienated, Apathetic, Bored, Cold, Detached, Impatient, Isolated, Numb

Worried: Anxious, Nervous, Tense


Ocean Keen