Ancient Shaman Healing Journey

Ancient Shaman Healing Journey

  • Releasing Karmic Ties

  • Cord Cutting

  • Calling in Soul Family

  • Meeting your Soul Mate

  • Healing Light Meditation

  • Oracle Card Reading

This journey is designed as a maintenance for your energy body. You will feel relief and gain your divine energy back with this session.

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Recognize & Release Karmic Ties:
It is possible you are in a karmic relationship. You may have made promises to each other, possibly in another lifetime.
When you release the vows you made with a toxic partner, you will feel lighter, opening the avenue for joy to flow back into your life!

Cord Cutting:
This is medicine for your soul.
We may leave relationships but the cords between us are still active, we become drained of our energy by these people who are no longer in our physical contact. These cords have imprints of betrayals, painful and traumatic experiences from past relationships. If you do not resolve these imprints, they will be carried over as soul memory through many lifetimes.
You will attract the same people into your life and this is potentially projected onto other relationships.

When you sever this cord, you will instantly feel lighter, at peace and have harmony.
Your energy will also return.

Connect With Your Soul Family:
I guide you in meditation to attract your Soul Family into your life.
You may feel rejected by immediate family members who are not on the same spiritual path as you right now. You will discover the tools to attract soul family into your life so that you are supported and surrounded by people who love and respect you.

Meet Your Soul Mate:
I will help you draw in your Soul Mate. You will build this image by adding the character traits, knowledge, skills, experience and moral standards that you wish to attract. Start to imagine how this person will come into your life and how you will meet by setting crystal clear goals.

You are the creator of your life and it is a blessing to have your soul mate appear out of thin air by visualizing this attraction. You can find clarity and set your intentions by using the law of attraction to make your soul mate manifest!

Healing Light Visualization:
We will use a Healing Light meditation where I help you draw healing light into your body, cleansing, removing all the pain, fears, traumas, painful memories, limiting beliefs, addictions, and painful memories. Replacing them with Love, Joy, and Bliss.

Oracle Card Reading
I will pull an oracle card for you. This card will help you resonate with your higher self for guidance.