Reading was accurate. She didn't waste time and actually gave a tarot reading rather than advice or her opinion. Thanks!

GENUINE PSYCHIC! Kind, fast and has a soothing energy. Please give her a call. So lucky to find her. Blessings
Sorry ran out of funds. Thanks for optimism, fast real card shufflings n guidelines. Be back when I have more funds. Thanks so much


Thank you! You were accurate in your reading.




She was so detailed and accurate...She gave timeline to where things will change in my fav... few wks to a month... I can't wait to read with her again... I'll keep you updated soon... Thank you

Really inspiring. I enjoyed my talk and helped me to center. Ty

Another Great Reading. But most of all thank you for your patience with me as I am living through this roller coaster of life right now. I appreciate you listening to me go on and on. Talk with you soon.!