8 of Pentacles

Virgo represents the eight of Pentacles. The sacred father the Sun, the sacred mother the Moon.
The Body Mind and Spirit which births the child. The refined spirit.
Taurus is the 3 of Pentacles creating form.

The traditional meaning of eight of Pentacles is school. Being in school going back to school attending classes. The teachers that are teaching the classes. This represents someone who reads a lot or is in job training, this person may train other people.

This is a person who attends a paid education or a training.
Going back to school or being a writer. Writing a book. Book of shadows trauma writing a paper.

This is the knowledge transferred as spiritual knowledge into art. The akashic records. A library or librarian. This is somebody who works alone with diligence who pays attention to details and has personal satisfaction. I've also found it to be money laundering.

Traci MoonComment