Keys to Break Curses


When there is a soul tie between two people that are not on the same page, this can be a drain of energy. You can break this soul tie and get emancipated from this situation!

Sometimes even the association with an unhealthy person, place or thing causes destructive interference to be transferred to you.

There is a Demon Spirit called Belial. The meaning is “Without Value”.
This is a spirit that wants to control you and If it cant control you, he will find an indirect way to influence you to be led to unhealthy people, places or things.

Just hanging out with the wrong crowd can cause a transfer of this destructive interference to attach to you.

Belial has a way to get into your mind. It is time to be aware and allow yourself to be free from the toxicity that Belial brings into your life.

Alcoholism, drug abuse, strife, envy, and anything that is holding you back from enlightenment and growth. Spirits of death and destruction work in combination with Belial.

Hence the reason they call alcohol a “Spirit”. When alcohol (and drugs, idolatry, or sexual things) overcomes your body, it can overtake your body and you end up doing things you would not normally do, such as drive a vehicle intoxicated, have sex with someone and not even know it, or partake in drugs or robberies and even murder. These are literal floods of Belial.. things without value.

Jezebel works with Belial to deceive people through slander, lies, pride, lust and seduction.

Together, they bring, distress, and difficulties into your life causing suffering and even deathly destruction to your soul.


I am here to remind you that you are a pure and wonderful soul full of light and joy if you so choose.

I am here to remind you to fight for your freedoms and stand up against the malevolent spirits placed in high places against you.

Remember this is not a battle of flesh, but of spirit. Body mind and spirit must be aligned for our greatest good to succeed.

If you took vows to a partner who is an alcholic, drug addict or consuming anything toxic to you, your children or family. That vow may have bound you together, either in this lifetime or a past lifetime, but this is an unhealthy attachment and if you want to see freedom its time to do an Etheric Cord Cutting Ritual to the toxicity.


This does not mean that the person is lost and gone forever, but it does mean that you are not bound to them anymore, in this lifetime or any lifetime.

It is important to guard your heart and mind so that you have the freedom to choose happiness, enlightenment and growth in your life for something positive to happen.


Live in honor of your life spirit. Life is a gift. Guard your soul. Engage in the passions of the spirit, your higher nature. Love yourself first with all your heart and your soul and your strength. Be thankful for the living spirit in you who sustains you. This is for your own good. Walk in love. Love and accept yourself right where you are at.

I offer help in recognizing and releasing soul ties and cord cutting rituals as a service. Go check them out. I can do these with you over the phone, guiding you through each step. I can also help you call in your soul family, and your soul mates. So that you can be reunited with people who care about you and love you.