Be the Light, Words of Encouragement

I am here to remind you to share with the world.

  • You are love. Its time to step into your capacity to light up! Hold the light when you face fear, there is a beauty in not knowing. It gives us the process of learning and having the steps to progress in life. Its a time to surrender and enjoy the journey.

  • Take your power back. We don’t have all the answers but we do have wings! If you decide to do something you care about and you fall, then your wings come into action and you can fly to safety.

  • Grace operates in our life and there shall not be a feeling of dread for being different. Situations are set in place for us to learn and improve our thinking and communication. If you set your intention to share what you learn than you are choosing to be a seed of light.

Have you heard the call?

  • Its time to make a conscious decision to be an earth angel. We all want to feel good and desire to add something good to the world. We have so much love and beauty and joy to share with the world.

  • If you have been sober for 10 years, and you decide to go out and party with drugs or alcohol, let the thought pass so that you are able to be present in your life and add beauty to others lives. If not, you will fall to the bottomless pit and you may not be able to share your light with the world. If you have overcome this in the past, don’t make the same mistakes, leave the toxic decisions in the past.

  • Communicate with the Higher Realms, your Guides, Angels and Ascended masters and recognize how special you are. Point out the beauty in others and be a warrior of compassion. Put the passion back in compassion for humanity. Speak truth. Be as productive as you can to create beauty for others and yourself. Be the person who inspires shifts in others mindfulness. Inspire love, health, growth and friendships. This is for the greater good of humanity.

The Light in Me, Honors the Light in You! Namaste

EncouragementTraci Moon