January 1-13 2019 Astrology and Tarot Reading

December 31st 2018 & January 1-13 2019 this is a beautiful time of year to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose that are toxic or holding us back from life of living in the fullest. The South node is combining with Pluto the Sun the moon and Saturn as well as mercury to help you excrete anything in life that is not serving a purpose anymore. This will be a time of creation of something new. You can create a new structure as this eclipse is in Capricorn at 15 degrees. Be like the Phoenix Rising, destroy and rebuild. Pluto is going to help you do this transformation as Saturn is going to help you be steady and persistent to be the master builder of the new area in life that you want to build. The South node is about releasing and liberating yourself from past Carmen. It could be a quorum of old repeating patterns due to consequences or actions that you took in a past life and it is also about releasing ancestral and personal Karma so that you can release any resistance so that you can go with the flow. You will find yourself identity by working smart and diligently. Let go of any fears. If you made mistakes and past lives it's okay to break down those walls the walls were there because you had past Karma and hurt but this life doesn't have to be that way. Let go of the Old Wounds start to heal. It's the time to not be stagnant in life anymore. This Eclipse will help you demolish and release any old pain, Pluto will help destruct any of the old patterns in Saturn will help you persist through and get the healing that you need in life so that you can live your life on a path of bliss. You have to make this decision or a decision will be made for you like the tower card represents. This is a time to have introspection and go Within to make these changes. Once you transform like the Phoenix Rising there is no going back. Pluto will help you take back your power and authority. Saturn gives you the ability to persist and accept the change step by step. There is something to illuminate it could be work, your mate, friends or family. You will be able to research the right direction with Mercury there because he is the researcher try something new! Vega is a fixed star at 15 degrees Capricorn where this eclipse is happening. This is the Brotherhood of light. This will help Humanity find joy and happiness have love and passion in life to do things that bring us happiness. This is the Christ consciousness where people are able to connect to inexhaustible resources of energy. There will be rejoicing and spiritual Liberation with music and singing. The South node is to release Pluto is to distract to Liberation and Saturn is there to help you persist with patience. It's time to connect to the higher energy so that you can live a better life buy a tuning to the frequency and vibration of the higher consciousness. It's okay to make a sacrifice and do self-discipline and have the willpower to destroy the old Power and the old order of doing things so that we can have a new life in 2019.

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