Imbolc -8 tips to celebrate Feb 1 & 2 2019

Imbolc falls between the Winter Solstice and Spring Solstice between the 1st and 2nd of February, each year.

Imbolc is one of the Four Gaelic Festivals.

Sacred Ancient Wisdom to Celebrate this time of year:
-Gaelic festival symbolizing the start of Spring. in the Valley. New Beginnings being fertile and giving life in the spring.

Goddess Bridgett: Home of the hearth, new beginnings and blacksmithing, farm animals and livestock. You protect what you have all the while looking forward to the future. This time is connected to the seasons turning point and is deeply connected to farming.

If Feb1st is bright and sunny, winter will drag on for a long time.
If Imbolc is dreary, raining and a cloud covered day, winter will end soon.

New Beginnings: White, snow,
Time to plant seeds of intentions.

The snow will slowly melt through out the month of February.
Work with opening your third eye.
Spirit works through nature. We can start sprouting new intuitive abilities.

1. Plant seeds in pots so they can blossom in spring
2. Write and Bury a list of intentions into the earth
3. Clutter Clearing and rearranging the living quarters
4. Light fires or candles to keep things warm
5. Create a Vision Board based on your list of intentions
6. Bonfires get you excited for spring go out and start one!
7. Candle Magic to set intentions.
Example: Working with the Heart Chakra: love yourself and attract love. Get a Green or Pink candle that you anoint with corresponding herbs. Set your intention to heal and burn the candle.
8. Cleanse your space, body and mind with Sage. Do a ritual cleansing bath with a mind clearing meditation & gentle music.
Draw a Salt bath, Sage, Lavender, purple, blue, third eye Chakra massage
When you run the bath, add the salt with an intention of celebrating this time of year. Allow your mind to wash away the chatter while giving yourself a 3rd eye massage. Visualize yourself being set free to advance your intentions until you have reached the limit you have set to obtain. Renew your body, mind and soul as you move through time and space into the brighter and warmer time of year.

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