James Van Praagh 7-day Energy Cleansing Course

If you have not researched James Van Praagh before, do it now!

I absolutely love his spiritual teachings. I have gone on journeys to retrieve the Akashic Records which was an amazing experience. The setting was beautiful and the retrieval was so fun. I absolutely love living a life where access to this information was probably only used by a select few in ancient times.

I have also had the experience with James Van Praagh to meet my spirit guides where his soothing voice guides you into a beautiful sanctuary with rainbow colored stained glass windows. There you meet 3 spirit guides who give you a gift.

Now he has a 7 day Energy Cleanse which I implore you do discover for yourself.
Here is a link, all you have to do is sign up. Its FREE.


When the time is right I will be signing up for more of his paid for courses!

Until later,

Divine Path Psychic Traci Moon

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