The Moon: Keen Tarot

18: The Moon

When you draw the Moon tarot card, there is something going on behind the scenes. The information is not accessible and the outcome is blocked by the subconscious mind. A warning. Moon Child. Elderly drifting in and out of reality.

Some examples of the Moon tarot card will be a loss of memory. Confusion. Amnesia or soft spots in the brain due to heavy drug and/or alcohol abuse. The past is blocked out for various reasons. Blackouts and trauma. Reversed meaning: People are lying about you or to you. Deception.

Stone: Pearl. Inner harmony, balance and motherhood. Enhanced intuition. Improved health.
Health: Tumor, fibroid, hernia, disc, cartilage, kidney stone, gallstone, bone spur, corns, bunions, warts, moles. Blocked artery. Dementia. Alzheimers.