Planting the Seeds of Intention through Thoughts, Emotions & Belief

Thoughts, Emotions, Belief

Planting the Seeds of Intention

Welcome to mid-August, the sign of Leo. We are able to tap into a new vibration to calibrate with the FULL Moon. This vibration, done on a collective consciousness level, is bringing enlightenment to humanity. This is a great time to get into alignment with your higher-self.


  • New moons are used to plant “seeds of intention” that are in alignment with your beliefs. This will help to create new beginnings and new ideas that shake us up to put us in action mode during the month of August.

  • Leo season is heart focused, so I wanted to talk about our beliefs, thoughts and emotions to start creating a life you really want.

  • Thoughts happen in our upper chakras where we imagine the quantum possibilities. Thoughts are represented or also known as swords in the tarot.

  • Emotion happens in the lower chakras. Where we experience Love & Fear.
    Emotions are represented by the cups in the tarot.

  • Feeling is the marriage of Thought (our mind) and Emotion (our heart).
    Feelings are represented by the Strength card in Tarot.

  • Your Belief translates quantum possibilities into reality.

  • The Heart produces the electrical field that creates your reality.
    So in essence, what ever you believe, good or bad, creates your reality.

    This is a time to raise your vibration so that positive manifestation happens. This is a great time to take our thoughts captive and bring the good thoughts into your heart to see if it resonates with you. When it does, the two become one. The thought and emotion become the feeling, which resonates with your heart and brings what you desire into your reality. This is how our prayers are answered. I am getting really excited about this quantum physics vibration!

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Now, I wanted to just take a moment to help you get centered and focused for the remaining portion of your day. Take a long deep breath in through your nose and breathe it out slowly through your mouth. Put your hand to your heart, and feel the vibration that your heart wants you to feel, not your mind. As you go about your day remember to check in with yourself by simply remembering that your heart resonates your beliefs and you create your reality. Positive Vibrations are Being Sent Your Way!

May the month of August bless you in your endeavors. Set your intentions with this Super Black New Moon and walk through the Lions Gate while you stay heart focused and have fun creating your reality with quantum possibility.

Namaste —The Divine Spark within me recognizes the Divine Spark within You!

Traci Moon

Divine Path Psychic and Intuitive Counselor