April 2019 Divine Path Newsletter

Get Clear Answers by Asking Clear Questions

I am a talented psychic tarot card reader geared for the 21st Century. By using the Celtic Cross developed by ancient masters, I am able to see the past, present and future as well as the feelings involved with the clients question at hand. It is important for you to formulate your question clearly. This way it is easier for the cards to reveal the information you seek in a direct and clear manner.

Example Reading: There is a man and wife who are divorcing. They own a house together and are in the process of separating their belongings and listing their house to sell on the internet, so they are able to move on with their lives.

The following are some questions formulated by the client but the first one did not deliver the “right” result. I helped reformulate the question, so that we could pinpoint a desired outcome. How you word your questions will make a big difference in how the tarot speaks to you.

The first question looked like this:
Will the husband be with the wife when they move? Will they be together?”

The Tarot gave this answer:
“Yes, they will be together in the house, separating their belongings.”

Tarot delivered a more clear picture for the client and outcome when we worded the question like this:
“After the belongings in the house are separated, will the couple follow through with their plans to sell the house and get a divorce?”

(The more specific you are, the more detailed and accurate the answer will be.)

Example answer: “I see that they will be selling the house, their marriage will be dissolved, they will no longer live together and their feelings for each other are over.”

I use ancient techniques developed by Masters, to access information with tarot. I am happy to share the information I extract, with you so you can stay on our path to bliss. This was just one example of how we can word your questions so that you get the clarity you seek.