Newsletter May 2019

Living in the present moment makes us aware of beauty all around us.

We are all seeking to be seen, heard, acknowledged and understood.

  • Our body, mind and spirit are connected so, the more you see things happening naturally all around, you will have a feeling of being heard, appreciated and understood.

  • Be grateful. You will have more joy and things will stream in naturally, sustaining and enriching your life.

By expressing gratitude, there is peace.

  • Your perceptions changes when you show gratitude.

  • A snow covered ground can appear magical when you observe the rainbows sparkling in the sunlight as you walk across it.

  • When someone who vibrantly expresses their appreciation for you, beauty flows effortlessly.

Beauty is pure, sustaining life.

  • Ask for beauty and it shows up.

  • We desire creative guidance from Source energy, which is tailored to our individual situations, where all things are within our reach.