Color Meanings in Tarot

Color Meanings in Tarot

  • Red: Passion, desire, fire, action, blood, vitality, sexuality, anger

  • Orange: Self-esteem, thoughtfulness, aspiration, optimism, sociability, contentment, and telepathic insight, up-lifting.

  • Yellow: Intellect, mind, communication, creativity, protection, well-being, wisdom.

  • Golden: Positive energy and radiating peace

  • Green: Growth, youth, nature.

  • Blue: Calmness, affectionate, nurturing, imagination, loving energy, expansive, creative.

  • Azure: Healing.

  • Cobalt: Confusion, numb, detached.

  • Dark Blue: Exerted power.

  • Indigo: Emotion, strength, fluidity, persuasiveness, expressiveness, and pervasiveness.

  • Violet: Spirituality, seeker, devotion, peace, prayer, healer.

  • Brown: Grounded, Earth, practical, reliable.

  • Gray: Depression, confusion, uncertainty, neutral, illness.

  • Black: Depth, variation, formal, dignity, force.

  • White: Sterile, peace, cleansing, illumination, purity, innocence, insulates against intrusion, exposes you, Aura energy turns white when you are near to death.

I hope my definitions of the color meanings in the Tarot will help you identify the emotions that are happening in the cards.