3 Ways to Ask Questions for Tarot

Intuitive Tarot Readings For Women In Business & in Love


  1. Before you call:

    Take a few deep breaths and get centered with a short meditation.
    When your mind is clear, your reading will be clear too. The opposite pertains too, if you mind is cluttered your reading will be scattered.
    I am able to access important information and deliver it, but your mind must be open to receive it. Remember the information I give you is in the future. You might not resonate with the information, until it happens.

  2. Have your questions well worded:

    How you word your question will make a big difference.
    Example: “There is a man and wife who are divorcing. They own a house together and are in the process of separating their belongings and listing their house to sell on the internet, so they are able to move on with their lives.”

    Your question might look like this:
    “Will the husband be with the wife? Will they be together?”

    The Tarot might give you this answer:
    “Yes, they will be together in the house, separating their belongings.”

    This might not really be what you were searching for, since you are interested in knowing if the couple will divorce.

    You will get a clearer picture and outcome if you word it like this:
    “After the belongings in the house are separated, will the couple follow through with their plans to sell the house and get a divorce?”

    The tarot will reveal something like this:
    “The couple will go separate ways. They no longer have loving feelings for each other and are not communicating. The house will be on the market, but will not sell right away.”

  3. Take notes and leave feedback by using the contact form:

    There are many subjects that we may address during a reading.

  • The tarot reveals information that you may not understand immediately because it is a future event.

  • Make sure to take notes on what the tarot reveals to you, so that when the event takes place -in the future- you can see and record the results.

  • You will start to see things fall into place. When they do, write it down, and then... let me know about it! I love hearing success stories!

Get Clear Answers by Asking Clear Questions

It is important for you to formulate your question clearly. This way it is easier for the cards to reveal the information you seek in a direct and clear manner.

I use ancient techniques developed by Masters, to access information with tarot. I am happy to share the information I extract, with you so you can stay on our path to bliss. This was just one example of how we can word your questions so that you get the clarity you seek.

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