4 Essential Tools for a Cord Cutting Ritual

First of all it is a good idea to have a designated place in your house to put an altar where you can have your items at hand when you need them. Some of the items you will need in order to perform a Cord Cutting Ritual are the following:

1. Candles: Element Fire: You can designate a color for the type of intentions you set.

For Example: White: Purity, Pink: Love, Red: Passion

2. Incense: Element Air: This is a must for this ritual. The best choices are:

  • Dragons Blood has many uses. Planet: Mars

    Burning Dragons Blood resin provides courage and protection as we enter the spirit world. It is used to heal wounds and stop bleeding. This burned resin will prepare the space when calling forth the energy bodies. It also contains anti-tumor and anti-bacterial properties. It is good for digestive and intestinal health as well. In this case, spiritual digestion.

  • Myrrh. Planet: Mars

    Myrrh will be used in preparation for this ritual for purification. The resin may be burned to release its properties into the air. When the resin is harvested from the cuts in the tree bark, it swelters from the cuts. This waxy material hardens and is then used for protection and healing. We will use it to connect to the spirit / energy bodies in order to cut the cord.

  • Frankincense resin. Planet: Sun

  • Frankincense is used in preparing this ritual to clear the air of any negative energy and replace it with high vibrations. We will use the smoke from this resin to cleanse and purify by using a feather to fan around the person, atmosphere, and the objects we will use. It speeds in healing and reduces scarring.

  • Sage. Planet: Venus

  • Sage is used to purify your space and to smudge your body. This will eliminate any negative energy in the atmosphere. It will lighten your energy body and bring peace to your mind, quickening the senses. It is used to relieve and alleviate any grief or sorrow you experience.

3. An Athame, Element Metal:

Planet: Sun

This is a ceremonial blade embellished with a black handle . This magical tool is used during banishing rituals. It is not used for actual physical cutting, rather it is used to direct the etheric fire energy during the cord cutting ritual. Any kitchen knife can be substituted.

4. A Chalice, Element Water:

Planet: Moon and the Goddess.

The Chalice is used to hold the magical water element mixed with himalayan salt. This is a feminine principle evoking procreation and creativity. We will use it to cleanse and heal the etheric wounds. A bowl can be substituted. This union of male and female, god and goddess, fire and water. This is alchemically the union of opposites.

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