5 Languages of Love Put Into Action

What is your Language of Love?
It is absolutely possible to be a combination of any the 5 languages of love.
Implement the language of love into your life and of those you love, today!


  • Maybe you wake up and want to leave a love note for your children, partner, spouse or parent to let them know how much you appreciate them. It can even be a secret love note that you leave on a sticky note on the mirror in the bathroom or a note in their lunch that you made for them.
    My daughter always draws pictures and includes a love note, letting me know how much she loves me. This is an act of loving kindness that can mean the world to the ones you love.

  • Talking about the great qualities that your loved has. Others will follow suit.


  • “Actions speak louder than words”. When you clean the house, fold the laundry and cook dinner these can be seen as acts of service. Sometimes these acts can go unnoticed until the person doing these services starts slacking due to feeling under-appreciated.

  • For example: People who take care to manage daily activities so that everything runs smoothly are giving of their time as an act of service.
    They are not a “servant” however! Perhaps its a good idea to define what “acts of service” means to you and how it can be applied and appreciated within the relationship.


  • You can not buy love, rather a gift is a visual reminder to show you care and love your partner. In this language its nicer to show someone you love them instead of saying you do.

  • Buying your loved one something that reminds you of them, is a token of love. Picking some flowers, or finding a special gift just for them is a joy to the giver and the receiver.


  • Being able to share time together on a country drive, fishing, concert, art opening and even just sitting in the living room listening to funny stories is showing the person you are with that you enjoy spending time doing things together.

  • Taking time to listen to their wishes dreams and desires as well as exchanging ideas in conversation shows that you are there for them and that they matter.


  • After a long day at work, it is nice to give your partner a hug upon seeing them. Maybe a good foot rub or back rub on the couch while relaxing can make your partner feel good that you have a regard for their well being.

  • My children and I have massage day at least once a week. We use the “MA Roller for Very Deep Relaxation. A Tool for Renewal and Wholeness”. This way we all get to spend quality time together while rubbing each others backs.

Do you have a creative way in which you speak a particular love language, Leave a comment below. I would like to read your comments!

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