6 Essential Components to Self-love

6 Keys to Self-love

Do you want to make love a reality in your life? Then these 6 aspects are an essential component to your life that you must deepen to attract fulfilling relationships. It is emphasized by Gregg Braden that in order to make your prayers fulfilled, you must resonate with the Feeling emanating from your heart. I encourage you to resonate with the following 6 essential components to discover your true self, which is pure consciousness.

Appreciation: give & do

First of all, you must show yourself Appreciation. Give yourself credit where credit it due! Either tell yourself that you appreciate yourself for adding value to your life or Do something for yourself to acknowledge the aspect of yourself that you admire. An example of this might be: looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “Wow, you really did a good job today, thank you!” or Take yourself out on a walk, down your favorite path, to a cafe to enjoy your presence in the world.

kind words, act of kindness, sympathy

The second key to self-love is to care for yourself every day by nurturing yourself with kind words. Louise Hay was known for positive affirmations and mirror work. Take at least 5 minutes to deeply care about how you talk to yourself. Do something nice for You by taking the time to reflect on what your needs are and how you, yourself can fulfill them. This will help love flow naturally to you because you are connecting with the divine matrix field, your true-self. Show yourself sympathy, by observing, rather than judging.

Spiritual Communion: with others and nature

Third key is, to share your sacred thoughts and intimate communication through Communion with either other like-minded people or nature, making them/it an essential part of your life and routine.

Respect: honor

The fourth key to self-love is Respect. You are worthy, and have special personal qualities or abilities that you are able to hold in esteem and honor. Choose those qualities and reference them often when you are feeling doubtful. For example: I use EFT as a way to reinforce the concept that I love and accept myself right where I am at. This is an act of respect and self-love.

Self-esteem: value

The fifth key to self-love is Self-esteem where you possess the confidence to evaluate your skills and decide where you want to be in the world. When you give yourself the freedom to be who you truly are created to be, you will naturally allow others their freedom, because you recognize them as a reflection of the divine.

Sharing: apportion

The final key to self-love is Sharing. When you are able to participate in and enjoy the actions of giving and receiving, you are truly contributing in the essence of the divine path to love. By sharing you are participating in the infinity of love that the divine matrix has to offer which is then reciprocated equally.

I am committed to encourage compassion to myself and others by honoring our shared needs. I hope that these 6 Keys to Self-love have helped you discover and celebrate your true divine self.

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