Love Yourself First

Whether you are in a relationship with someone or
not, this is an article on how to

Love Yourself First

by Putting Into Practice

the 5 Languages of Love. 


I wanted to get to the heart of the matter and talk about how to develop a language of love with ourselves in the way we set boundaries with ourselves. I will give you tips on how to develop a loving relationship with yourself, so that you can have a rewarding relationship with others by implementing the 5 Languages of Love.

Each relationship is unique. It is a good practice to be there for yourself and listen to your inner guidance to get you through the day. When you connect with your higher self, in the morning, you are giving yourself full attention to be thankful in the present moment. When you allow yourself to have undivided attention you experience love for yourself. 

This helps you consciously make a decision to leave judgement behind and practice with a purpose, ways to listen to your higher-self in order experience love. We are all doing our best to gain a higher level of consciousness. We are bound to have negative moments, but this is an opportunity to evolve personally. 

Sometimes we can be our worst enemy. We beat ourselves up better than anyone. It is important to set healthy boundaries that you don't wish to cross. When you set the boundary, honor yourself by setting the limit as to not cross over it. This will empower you to have a conscious and loving relationship with yourself. When you honor yourself and your boundaries, others will too. You must first know what it is that you clearly want and communicate them so you can embrace harmony. 

You must know what behavior is unacceptable and establish your values by defining what they mean to you and why they are important. If you find yourself unhappy if some things are present in your life, this indicates that this is where to draw your boundary. 
Be clear with yourself and set a repercussion if you or others violate the boundary you set. 

Reward and allow yourself to acknowledge the blessings in life. Often times we forget to celebrate our wins. It is important to enjoy feeling worthy and support yourself for the sacrifices you have made to be in a healthy relationship with yourself. This is the art of giving and receiving so that you can connect with yourself more deeply. 

Schedule in quality time for yourself to connect with others so you can experience the shifts that you have set for yourself in the relationship. It is good to give hugs or get a massage so that you have physical contact with others. And allow time for yourself to reflect on the changes that have been happening. I suggest using a book of shadows to record the changes that you are setting for yourself. 

Be compassionate, conscious and open in communication so that you actively connect with loving yourself. When you love yourself, it is easier to offer your loved ones an act of kindness. These loving gestures can be better than purchasing a gift because it shows how much you care for yourself (or someone else) by gauging how you feel.  

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