Past Life Regressions

Step into the dimensions of your subconscious mind to explore a past life, where you unlock secrets and discover hidden truths that help you with your life today.

The Soul is the essence of every human being

  • The Soul is pure energy it is immortal and can reincarnate into a new body, lifetime after lifetime.

  • Before a soul enters a body they are in-between lifetimes where they get to decide what they will learn.

  • The soul decides if it wants to be female or male

  • The Soul decides what their race will be

  • It even decides if there will be any disabilities they may have

  • The Soul chooses their appearance and even who their parents are!

Same Soul, Numerous Bodies & Lifetimes.

These choices fall into the unconsciousness and we are not able to remember them once birth occurs. We then explore the lessons we chose to work on in this lifetime as the soul awakens in order to learn.

Karma is the reason we perform a past life regression, so that we can understand what our soul is here to learn

  • We accelerate our learning so that we can can complete the lessons in this life time.

  • We look at the past in order to understand and resolve something.

We are not limited to the past!

  • We can do Future Life Regressions.

  • And even Parallel Realities

  • Transurfing.

    I want a Past Life Regression! How do I get one?!

    Get a Past Life Reading

  • online or over the phone.

  • 1-on-1 sessions are done over Zoom or Phone, where we are able to have a conversation as I lead you through the regression, taking notes and creating a motto that you will come back with.

    If you have questions, just ask!
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