3 Types of Soul Mates

What is a Soul Mate?

There are 3 types of Soul Mates
Karmic, Dharmic, Love

  1. Karmic relationship : Lessons where individuals reunite because each soul mate has a lesson to learn from the relationship taking place.

  2. Dharmic relationship: Individuals must do something 'together'.
    This is not necessarily a romantic relationship.

  3. Love relationship: This is the classical idea of what a soul mate is. Individuals who come together for a life-time. Unfortunately, this is the smallest of the 3 groups!

Karmic Lessons in a Soul Mate Relationship:

  1. Each person learns the lessons they needed to learn and a love relationship develops between them.

  2. One soul mate doesn't want to learn the lesson and separates from the relationship on a path to personal growth.

  3. Karmic debt can be left over from the past life and must be 'paid in full'. A separation can only occur once the debt is paid. A debt has to be repaid, such as money that is owed.

  4. Challenged with lessons the second they meet.

  5. A brief relationship occurs due to one backing out of the relationship before a bond can occur because they change their minds.

  6. If one backs out, even though there was an agreement in the past life, a different soul who is ready will take the place assuming the role of the person who backed out, not necessarily anyone you met in a previous life.

  7. You don't have to take on any karmic relationship if you are not ready. You have free-will and choice to live your own life the way you want to.

Dharmic Bonds in a Soul Mate Relationship:

Dharma is your obligation to give back to the Universal Source and to fulfill your spiritual destiny.

  • This is not the same as a Karmic lesson, which is what you learn while you are here.

  • Dharmic Bond: is an agreement to do things together. Business partners, parent-child relationships, friends, acquaintances and projects that you want to achieve together. If there was something left undone in a past life you can work together to finish it in this lifetime.

You may live in the same geographic location in order to complete something that needs to get done there. There are also role-reversals over many lifetimes that occur between enemies, partners or parent-child until they learn to trust each other by owning and resolving the issues at hand.

Love in a Soul Mate Relationship:

  • Smallest of the 3 groups

  • Individuals who come together for a life-time.

  • A love relationship.

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