Steps to Self Love💕 Through Beauty, Art & Communication

Steps to Self Love 💕
Through Beauty, Art & Communication

  1. Balance:

    2 of Pentacles,

    When you balance your body, mind and spirit beginning in the morning of each day, by honoring yourself with thankfulness and gratefulness, your awareness expands and the less you 'need' from others. You don't need others' love, because you are love.

  2. Nourishing Your True Self:

    7 & 9 of Cups

    By nourishing your true self with beauty and art, exercise and laughter, companionship and bonding, you open yourself up to a new possibility of healthy relationships. We can only give from what we have, so in order to receive, you must generate self love from within that naturally bubbles up spontaneously when we practice self love. Genuine love happens when we honor and nurture ourselves.

  3. Spiritual Integrity:

    7 of Wands & Judgement

    Upholding our spiritual integrity is important in order to open into an expanded state of awareness where you maintain body movement, playfully engage in life and generously love from your heart. When you make the choice to nurture your body, mind and spirit, truly loving relationships becomes natural.

Thought Hotel:

Ace & 2 of Swords, 9 of Pentacles, Hanged Man

Beauty and art nourish our souls, refining our aesthetic pleasures and it helps to elevate your mind as well as your heart. In the tarot, the swords represent your mind and thoughts. The cups represent your heart and emotions. When you get a download from the Universe, it makes its way into your mind, where you take the thought into your heart for evaluation. If it does not resonate with your heart, then you must take the thought captive, not letting it check into the 'Thought Hotel'. The negative thought has to check out, so that you have room to make choices that nurture your body, mind and spirit. You are worthy of love.
This is where we integrate meditation into our daily lives.

Thought of the Day:
I love and honor myself so that my relationships have a chance to blossom and flourish.

Living in the present moment makes us aware of beauty all around us.

We are all seeking to be seen, heard, acknowledged and understood.

  • Our body, mind and spirit are connected so, the more you see things happening naturally all around, you will have a feeling of being heard, appreciated and understood.

  • Be grateful. You will have more joy and things will stream in naturally, sustaining and enriching your life.

By expressing gratitude, there is peace.

  • Your perceptions changes when you show gratitude.

  • A snow covered ground can appear magical when you observe the rainbows sparkling in the sunlight as you walk across it.

  • When someone who vibrantly expresses their appreciation for you, beauty flows effortlessly.

Beauty is pure, sustaining life.

  • Ask for beauty and it shows up.

  • We desire creative guidance from Source energy, which is tailored to our individual situations, where all things are within our reach.

Communication is the best way to create strong relationships.

How are you communicating with yourself?

Do you take time to connect to your higher self?

It is my joy to provide juicy nuggets of Ancient Knowledge that will essentially restore your power, leading to success.

We have been programed to be victims. You and I are here to turn this around so that you can become all that you desire, by understanding who you are and why you are here. I am here so that humanity can regain power through Ancient Knowledge easily translated for the 21st Century.

This blog article is meant for you to find space within, where you can honestly and fully be your true and highest self. Successful and powerful. This is where you find the love and the praise you deserve. Deep down you know that what you do matters and you have a purpose.

1. It’s important to give yourself the appreciation you need.

  • Setting small goals and accomplishing them is a great opportunity to celebrate.

  • It is also important “to have love and passion in life to do things that bring you happiness.” When you are working from a place of passion, you are doing things that you love to do, which makes it easy. This is where you are living from your higher self.

  • You find hidden potential, relieve unnecessary stress and live a fulfilled life.

2. Let the past go and live in the present.

  • Allow yourself to be successful by recognizing your accomplishments and rewarding yourself with an incentive or bounty.

  • Every day is a new day to live in the present moment. You are not the same person you were when you were 7. Our bodies regenerate every 7 years. So essentially by reprogramming your body, mind and spirit, you have the opportunity to become who ever you desire by concentrating on the NOW!

3. Embrace new opportunities and move out of the comfort zone.

  • Forgive yourself and be gentle and caring towards yourself. You are doing the best you can with the resources you have.

  • You can meet YOU right where you are at, moving forward one step at a time.

  • Overcome your fears, get unstuck and put Rocket Fuel on your Success!

4. Be content.

  • Have faith that you are here for more than just material driven successes.

  • Your thoughts shape your current reality, so be content with what you have by giving thanks for what you do have. If you are not enjoying what you have, donate your things and get something that resonates on a higher frequency, reflecting the life that you do want.

5. Understanding your true self

  • This leads to a sense of good health

  • Well-being

  • Satisfying relationships

  • Passion for life and physical prosperity.

Here is an example of how I start my day:

1. Upon awakening, I give thanks, praise and gratefulness for my life, the sunshine, and even my bed and the clothes that I am about to change into.

2. I drink a large glass of warm water infused with lemon, garlic and cayenne pepper.

3. I do a 30 minute stretch and workout on YouTube from Blogilates, ‘Fire Workout’.

4. I do a 15 minute meditation. I enjoy guided meditations, however you may like to sit in silence.

And there you have it. This is a simple but profound routine that has helped me find gratitude in my life.

Adding Incense to Your Meditation:

You may also like to add incense to your practice.
Here is a list of some new varieties that I have tried and enjoy are from Kathmandu, Nepal.

1. Tibetan Monastery Incense,

a traditional aromatic medicinal incense for prayer offerings and purification based on Tibetan Buddhism.

2. Sandal Wood Tibetan Incense with Himalayan herbs, ancient traditional orders of Tibet.

3. Amber and Musk, which is a special Tibetan incense prepared in the ancient traditional art of the monastic order of Tibet. It is comprised of 35 different herbal ingredients used for prayer and health.

4. Dragons Blood: Used for healing, protection, cleansing and banishing.

No matter what you choose to burn, if anything, it is always up to you to set the intention of your daily routine and meditation.