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Use the Ancient Tools of Language to
Create the Life You Desire

What Language do you use?

In order to create a life that is in harmony with your values you must focus on the language you use. Language can be used to increase kindness, happiness and joy. However, it is also used to lower your self-worth. We have the ability to take personal responsibility for our choices by improving the quality of our relationships, especially with ourselves. When we can identify what our needs are, we are then able to identify and communicate our values. This gives us an opportunity to heal from previous relationships that were agonizing and uncomfortable.

The Great News is, you can change your life, but you are not able to do this from the same personality that created the life you are living. You must change your personality, but first there is a set of actions you must do first.

  1. You must change the thoughts that you think

  2. The behaviors and habits that you repeated that became part of your identity.

The mind is your brain in action. When you re-mind yourself everyday who you believe or think you are, your brain moves into a signature, called a personality.

Knowledge is learning something new. Remembering what you learned by repetition, helps you sustain the connections that you make neurologically. Thoughts make chemicals in your brain. Most thoughts are negative, unhappy, or unworthy. When you think this way, you create sequences, patterns and combinations of self-depreciating thoughts, therefore your brain creates the chemicals to accommodate those thoughts, conditioning the body to feel and memorize the emotions such as unhappiness and pain, therefore creating an addiction to the chemicals.

The body creates the chemicals so that you can feel exactly the same way you were just thinking. Over time you “fire and wire” the redundant programs that created your personality.

  • You must change your mind to begin to make your brain function differently.

  • When you feel the way you think, then you think the way you feel, which creates a state of being. Positive or Negative, it’s your CHOICE.


Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. When the body becomes the mind, you create a habit, which is memorized behaviors.

  1. Perceptions and attitudes keep you stuck in opposition to your mind. How you think and how you feel creates your life.

  2. Change your mind, change your life. Stop doing the same things and start consciously looking at how you are feeling and acting.

  3. Become conscious by observing the states of mind and body, stepping out of the old program and supplement in your new program.

  4. Affirmations are powerful tools to implement change. Use Present Tense: I AM. Healing takes place when the subconscious mind is accessed and recognizes this language.


You can become greater than your circumstances by doing something different.

  1. Condition yourself to do things that are unpredictable, so you can build a model of life outside your redundant routine.

  2. Do things different, starting in the morning, Sleep on a different side of the bed, or arrange your bedroom differently.

  3. Get out of your routine habits. Take a shower first, instead of going straight to the coffee.

  4. Start seeing things through a new filter. Wear a new perfume or color of clothing.

Natural Hypnosis States

One easy way to access the subconscious mind, is to wake up to affirmations set as your alarm. You are in a natural state of hypnosis as you start to wake up. Before you open your eyes and your feet hit the floor, become aware, by being grateful and thankful for your life, your bed, your clothes, and house, etc.

Listen to potent “I Am” affirmations. Set up a new condition for yourself to create the life you want to have, so that your body and mind are working together in order to create it.

  • When you feel free and unlimited, you embody a new message with a new emotion, which in turn, is changing your destiny.

  • Being who you want to be is obtained by acting from a new perspective. This will lay down the foundation neurologically in your brain to “fire and wire” a new program.

The Language of the Heart

Being grateful and thankful opens your heart coherence. How do we harmonize the mind and heart?

  • The heart independently remembers and communicates in a language separate from our brain, which you may or may not know.

  • When we harmonize the mind and the heart we find empathy, intuition and compassion. This is where we live from our wishes, dreams and desires. Deep perceptivity is available through the mind and heart harmonizing.

  • We process information quicker through the heart than the brain.

An Ancient Shamanistic 3–Step Process to Harmonize the Mind & Heart.

Doing this simple 3 step process, you will immediately free your body to let go of stress hormones which will awaken healing chemistry in your body which harmonizes the mind & heart.

Step 1. Touch your heart center,

  • You can touch your sternum with your fingers

  • You can have one hand over your heart

  • or Place both of your hands together in a Prayer Mudra over your chest.

    Your awareness will automatically go to the place in your body where you feel this touching sensation. Draw your awareness inside.

    Step 2. Slow your breath. Breathe in through your nose at least 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds and let your breath out through your mouth 4 seconds. This allows your awareness to drop from your mind into your heart, this happens automatically. Slowly and deeply, breathe in this way, at least 4 times in order for your awareness to go to the heart center. When you are aware, of this centering move to step 3.

Step 3. Create a feeling in your heart from one or a combination of all of the following: Appreciation, Care, Compassion and Gratitude. Breathe through your heart center, where you feel the touch. This triggers coherence between your mind and heart. This is where you create something new, embrace the process of change in your life from this area. It is simple to do and very powerful when you want to implement change.

Don’t fret if this seems to not work immediately, keep repeating these steps, it takes around 3 days and up to 72 hours for neurons to form the antenna to wire and connect to the Field, where you are then able to create something new. You must keep repeating what you want, to firmly establish a connection in the Field. Extend outside the limits of your body to discover your new identity. The mind is not in the body, it is in the Field. When we choose to make changes in our lives, it is a required condition to create the optimal mind-heart coherence, which is the key to access the door to the subconscious mind.

Access the Subconscious Mind

If you don't like the “old program”, you can now choose to rewrite it with the program you want. The subconscious mind is the access point where we embed new beliefs and upload new information very quickly.

  • At first, this may be an arduous language to learn, however, you will eventually begin speaking, reading and writing this language effortlessly and lucidly.

  • Find the comfort in the discomfort. It is the very act of you going deep within yourself, connecting to the Field, where you now have the ability to coherently embrace your vitality by creating in the here and now exactly what you want and deserve.

Hypnosis with subliminal messages as well as repetition are ways to access the subconscious mind in order to recreate your life.

Belief change modification and Energy psychology is a form of super-learning, you will be able to rewrite and upload a new program to your subconscious mind in as little as 5 minutes! The act of pushing the record button to your subconscious mind is the access point where you are able to get a whole new program.

  • You reach this access point every day and night within the natural hypnosis state right before you fall asleep at night and in the moments before you wake up in the morning.

What Are Your Subconscious Programs?

It is easy to pinpoint your subconscious programs. Your life is a representation of your subconscious programming. Simply look at your life right now and the cycles you go through in order to find out what is working or not.

  • If something comes easily to you, this is a program.

  • If there is something you are not good at you can identify it quickly and know that this is only an outdated program that you downloaded and it can be altered or changed.

  • Don't wait for a crisis to happen before you begin to think about changing. Act before complications arise or sickness occurs. You now have an opportunity to manage the disorder before it occurs.

  • Use your perception to foretell how things will progress. Doing this enables you to prevent difficulties, instead of work at solving them.

  • Don't focus on the end result, rather put one foot in front of the other and take one step at a time, starting in the here and now.

Love Yourself

As Louise Hay stated, most people do not love themselves. If you do not love you, then how can anyone else love you? If you have a program of not being lovable, you can use a technique called muscle testing, which allows you to instantly decipher if you have this belief in the subconscious mind which is not in harmony with your conscious mind. When there is disharmony between the two minds, the muscles in the body become weak, thus giving you secure knowledge of whether you believe this statement to be true or not.

The left brain is intellectual and masculine, therefore, the right brain is emotional and feminine. It is important for both hemispheres of the brain to hemi-sync, making a cross over between the two. There is an ancient technique you can use in order to activate this hemi-sync that I will share with you now.

A Technique to Hemi-sync Both Hemispheres of the Brain

First you want to muscle test for the statement “I love myself”. When you have these results, begin by crossing your arms and feet then introduce this statement: “I love myself”. You might not have tested positively to loving yourself, but after you cross the subconscious and the conscious mind and repeat this statement about 5 times, your mind will make the connection. When you muscle test again for this statement, you will test strong for this statement.

The goal is to create statements that bring the results that you set your heart on. So, what do you want? The subconscious mind is like a 4 year old, therefore you must make a statement that a 4 year old will understand, and add enough details that you get the results you are looking for. For example: Let's say your statement is: “I want money”. Your 4 year old ‘subconscious mind’, sees some pennies on the ground, picks them up and gives them to you... Well, all you asked for was “money”, not a specific amount.

This brings me to the wisdom I found in the 64th Verse of the Tao Te Ching from Dr Wayne Dyer’s Book: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life—Living the Wisdom of the Tao

64th Verse of the Tao

What is at rest is easily managed.

What is not yet manifest is easy to prevent.

The brittle is easily shattered;

the small is easily scattered.

Act before things exist;

manage them before there is disorder.


A tree that fills a man's embrace grows from a seedling.

A tower nine stories high starts with one brick.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Act and destroy it;

grasp it and lose it.

The sage does not act, and so is not defeated.

He does not grasp and therefore does not lose.

People usually fail when they are on the verge of success.

So give as much care at the end as at the beginning, then there will be no failure.

The sage does not treasure what is difficult to attain.

He does not collect precious things;

he learns not to hold on to ideas.

He helps the 10,000 things find their own nature

but does not venture to lead them by the nose.

Pay attention to each step of your journey as to not rush through the process. Repeat the new program of information over and over until it becomes habitual in the subconscious mind. When you speak the language of your heart, your feelings will become waves of energy, attracting that what you want in your life.

It is important to get a clear concept of what your needs are so that you can live in alignment with your new values. Meditate daily to get a clear vision of what you want your life to look like in an emotionally stable environment.

  • Below you will find a list of your needs, a page of feelings you have when your needs are met and a page of feelings you have when they go unmet.

  • Use these pages to reference, and align your feelings with the desired outcome you are looking to fulfill.

  • I implore you to download the sheets and decide what you want your new subconscious program to contain, in order for your life to be fulfilling and joyous. I hope the information contained in this article resonates with you and that you are reminded of who you have always been.


Traci Moon, Divine Path Psychic


Click the link to access this list to reference the needs list, so that you can start thinking big about what you want in your life.

Needs List