Step into a Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Session

October 8, 2018

We begin with a Rainbow Meditation

Shape of Your Crystal
My quartz crystal comes down like a tear drop into a point. It is clear and I am sitting in a hollowed out part in a slope. The diamond point is underneath me. I'm in a cradle, comfortable. It's like a hammock with support on my back. My feet are propped up, where my feet are free.

Rainbow Meditation Resistance
to certain colors:

I feel tension and negativity in the sacral chakra and heart chakra and head, throat.

There is a yellow glitch on the left sciatic nerve issue.

Green: the right side of the heart is sluggish and resistant. Heart pain.

The first word that pops in my head is Safety.
My uncle is holding me. I'm feeling safe. In the middle of my heart hurts. I'm outside with grandpa. I feel strength and safety. I feel it in my heart.

First color I see is yellow.
The shape of the color, is of his yellow shirt. It is a soft cotton shirt. I hear the sound of his voice, is calling my name. He is smiling. He is happy and laughing with me. Laughing back and forth, being happy.

I am going to capture the moment in a photo.
1st instinct was to for him to give me flowers. Lots of wild flowers. They picked them together.

Teenage Years
I am looking at my freshman year photos. I see myself looking at it, and feeling relieved because I don't suck.

How old are you as a child.
5 years old. Playing dolls with my friend. I feel happy, kinda. My dad is dead. There is a little emptiness inside me. I was only 2.5. I feel emptiness because lots of people are missing in my life. I don't know where they went. He is not coming back. My mom is sad.

First birth impression:
My mom and dad really love me! What is that.. the cord is wrapped around my neck.. so I feel relief finally being birthed.

Slip into your past life body like an overcoat.

Past Life Experience: October 8, 2019

I am a man. There is a cloak draped over my back. I have a sword. It looks like I have on some ancient military gear of some sort. I have long sleeves and gloves. The shirt is made of a coarse, rough material. I have something to protect my head. My cloak can be pulled up over my head, but there is something on my head for protection from the cold. I have long boots up almost over my knees. They are made for protection and riding long distances.

My skin is olive in complexion, not dark or light but not fair complected. I have dark hair. I look older than I am, I feel old. I look old for my age. Holy cow! I am not really that old. I look old. I'm in my mid 20s but I look like hell, from a rough life.

I am outside. I'm surrounded in temporary tents. We are in camps. The sun is going down, towards the evening. It is kind of chilly. I am an angry man. I am fighting a war. I must take my glove off to touch the object. It feels like the bridle on a horse. The part that i'm touching, is mostly smooth but a little rough. It feels like a bridle with a steel barring made smooth like a stone that is tumbled in water over and over till the stone becomes smooth.

The other men look like me, similar. There are no women, only men. They are camping out. There are lots of swords and weapons lots of different ones. A weird thing that we have with us is a big steel weapon, we throw balls of fire from it. We set stuff on fire, hauling it around with us. We use it for battle. We are loosing. I know I am going to die. There is a tightness in my chest because I can feel death coming, l am nervous and afraid. Feels like this is all for nothing. Why fight, we are just fighting for the sake of fighting and I am tired of fighting for nothing, no cause. Others feel the same way but we are told what to do, we have no choice, we have no free will. I look the others in the eye and it is hopelessness that I see..

There is a captain in the tent. That fucking captain looks like it could be Cullen. I am angry with him. He is about to lead us into a battle, and that is going to lead to our death. He is smug, arrogant and he wont listen to anyone. He knows deep down that we are doomed. And he does it anyway.

I have a small knife and the blade comes into a sharp point. Its old. I keep it by my side. It is always on my side when things go wrong for close battle. A hidden weapon. Its a steel black-smithed special knife. You hold it close. The handle is easy to grip and control. It's not heavy so its quick. Swords are big and heavy and require a lot of strength. This doesn't require all that. It has saved my life a lot of times. It's a hard life & a short life .

I see a fight with this knife. A big fight where someone ends up dying. What did the other person do or say? I keep getting that he would not listen to the voice of reason. I get the feeling that I may be second in command. Maybe. We get into a battle over it. I tell him:

“I don't want to fight in this battle that you demand us to do, its a bad idea. We will end up dead. No-one else wants to go either. I am the only one that can stop it from happening.”

He is barbaric and won't listen. I realize the only way out of this situation is to kill him.

I try to talk to him about it and we get into a fight. He is really angry. He stabs me in the heart, but I stab him in the stomach on my way down. We both end up dying. We kill each other, but he stabbed me first, we both die.

End of Past Life Regression


  • What did you NOT learn?
    To walk away. Maybe. Because outside when I was with the horse. I was just thinking about taking off with the horse and leaving. I had a chance to escape and I didn't do it.

  • What did you NOT solve?
    I didn't solve getting him to listen to the voice of reason. His barbaric behavior ends up destroying both of us.

  • What did you learn?
    To stand up for myself.

  • What problem did you solve?
    I saved the lives of others, at least for that battle. I gave other people a chance to run. Some did.


What were you good at doing?
Teaching men to fight. How to craft tools, how to hide, how to live off the land, you know, variable means of eating to ration it and make the most of what we had. To be grateful. I get the feeling that I had a good sense of humor and enjoyed making people laugh. I had a big hearty laugh. I was a pretty big man, very muscular and big with a broad chest. I was a warrior, a very good one. And I felt protective of the men that counted on me, so I would spend hours and hours and hours training them for battle.

What is important about that for you?
I still have humanitarian feelings that are with me in this life time of being protective and caring, wanting to make people prepared for the job they need to do. It gives me a better understanding of why I am in training and operations. Why I have such a dominant personality, because I have been in such a masculine man, so many times. I am very comfortable being a woman because being a man is resolved energy with-in my soul on a soul level.

What do you want to bring back and enhance in the present life time from this past life experience?

My voice and bravery, my ability to fight for what is mine. To know when to leave or get out.

Feelings that first come to mind: Hope, fear, love, happiness, cheerful.

New Vibration:

I want to be loved, happy and cheerful without fear, so I feel safe.”

What do you want to bring back and enhance from the past life?

That is the lesson. Love without fear.

Thought Form:

Color: lavender purple. What shape is that color?

Lavender Sunrise. It glows throughout the whole space it is big as the sky. It smells like lavender. Silent.

What do you want to do with this thought form?

Capture it in a picture

After Re-visiting the Situations and Repeating the New Vibration

What feels more positive about your birth?
It feels so good. I feel lighter weight, the oppression that was on me has been lifted. The oppressive energy that was experienced is now gone from my body literally. My heart has been hurting, there is no pain in my chest right now, its gone. No pain around the heart. Freaky! I lay in my husbands arms, just like uncle Henry. I fall asleep in his arms because I feel safe. Its not safe when I feel fear.

What feels more positive about being a child?
I feel happier playing with my friend and playing with my dolls. I don't have sadness. Because I wasn't really aware of what sadness felt like. Before I came in this world I had a very good idea of what sadness felt like and was more aware. I told my mom, I haven't been back here for awhile, it's been a bit.

What feels more positive about being a teenager?
How this experience changes the course of my freshman year. It's literally changing the patterns of things. Re-imprinting things has made things different now. It changes the course of how things play out. My spiritual guides wanted me to fix the health issue with imprinting.

Give yourself Magical Powers or Gifts with Matrix Reimprinting

Magical Gifts:

Healing water from the spring in the meadow. I fill my flask full of silvery sparkling water, I can infuse it with any color especially green energy for healing my heart. When I drink this water, it clears the chakras in my body of negative energy. Cleansing my energy body brings vitality to every cell. It makes me feel young.

My horse is magic and he allows me to be free, carrying me away, young, fresh and vital.