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4 Steps to Self Love Through Beauty and Art

Thought of the Day:
I love and honor myself so that my relationships have a chance to blossom and flourish.

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5 Languages of Love Put Into Action

How do you apply the 5 languages of love into your life?

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Astrological Birthstone Guide for Spiritual Transformation

Birthstone guide for spiritual transformation

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5 Must Have Items in Your Cabinet of Enchantment for a Cord Cutting Ritual

Essential Tools in Your Cabinet of Enchantment to Cast a Cord Cutting Ritual.

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5 Juicy Nuggets of Ancient Knowledge for Success and Power

You might not get the recognition you deserve for all the hard work you put into your career, relationships or home life. I am here to give you insight that will change your perspective.

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Color Meanings in Tarot

Use the technique of color meanings in your readings to get maximum clarity!

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